Web Server Information Tools Business Intelligence For Aesthetic Workshop 2012

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Web Server Information Tools Business Intelligence For Aesthetic Workshop 2012 – This was a project based on the problems faced by an organization to deliver products to Country_1 and Country_2, and due to the increased tensions and changes in regulations, the delivery to Country_3 and Country_4, too. The objective of this project was set to achieve real-time tracking of the Planned Supply vs. the Continuous Shipment according to the plan and Mandatory Production for the supply and “Treaty & Package” adherence.

This solution aims to develop a real-time tracker with extra smart visuals to track the Plan VS Execution scenario, for “Country_1”, “Country_2”, “Country_3” and “Country_4”.

Web Server Information Tools Business Intelligence For Aesthetic Workshop 2012

In the world of Big Data, the need for business intelligence dashboards is widely understood. Most businesses know that they need a central place to gather and display relevant information for different users. Well-designed dashboards can take complex data and turn it into useful information, while bad dashboards do just the opposite.

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But creating a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand dashboard can be a daunting task. By applying design principles and best practices, any business can create a business intelligence dashboard that provides an overview of their business health, and an opportunity for user engagement as needed.

The design and context of a business intelligence dashboard is critical to increasing user engagement and understanding. The purpose of a dashboard is twofold; the first is to highlight the most important data, and the second is to provide context for that data. Data alone is difficult to interpret.

When given context, data tells a story and begins to make sense to the user – they can find meaning, see opportunities for growth, and identify any potential challenges or obstacles in their business. The design and context together give the user an idea of ​​where things are and where they are headed.

Different businesses and industries will require different information displayed on their analytics dashboard. However, some general data sets apply to every business. This data includes overall budget (expenses, revenue and profit for each year), as well as marketing efforts (campaign cost and ROI) and project management (planned work and completed work).

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To determine what you should include in a specific dashboard, identify the current opportunities and obstacles facing your business, design a rough prototype, and improve with user research. Consider looking for visual examples in your industry.

Simplify and summarize content: Because the design of business intelligence dashboards is only to provide a high-level view of business operations, you do not need to include details about each project. Instead, simplify and summarize key points from various data sets so users can quickly scan the dashboard and get an idea of ​​what’s going on in the business.

Prioritize your Insights: There will always be more data available than space to display it. Prioritize your information so that the dashboard contains only the information that is most important to your user. Limit yourself to five or ten KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business.

Organize Information Visually: For a user to successfully engage with a business intelligence dashboard, they must be able to find answers to their questions within five to seven seconds of scanning a page. The better the data is organized, the more likely users will be able to find answers quickly. It is essential to adjust the size of different elements to show which part of the dashboard is the most important.

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Consider Device Size: Many business executives access real-time dashboards on a desktop computer while in the office and on their mobile phone while on the go. Due to the limited size of handheld devices, it is important to reduce the information on your dashboard to only show the most important information. Consider creating a mobile-specific version of your dashboard to ensure that your optimized data is displayed at a smaller size.

Allow for Customization: Different users will have different needs in accessing the professional business intelligence dashboard. Rather than showing all the information at once, consider adding a filter at the top of the dashboard so users can choose which data sets they want to see.

Enables further exploration: The primary purpose of the business intelligence dashboard is to provide users with a high-level view of the business. But many users will want to focus on a particular piece of information, and the design of the dashboard system should allow them to click, tap, or swipe to reveal more details.

Use Icons to Increase Comprehension: Most users see and understand graphics faster than the written word. Using simple iconography can help them interpret the data faster and with less effort. For example, use a dollar sign to represent expenses, and computers or laptops to show website traffic.

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Choose the right type of data visualization: Different types of data are best explained through different types of visualization. It is important to choose the right data visualization so that the user does not misinterpret the data. To show trends over time, consider a line graph. To compare two products, consider a table. The right data visualization will help the user draw the right conclusions from the data.

Use Color Effectively: Color should be used to enhance a set of data, not distract or detract from it. Use business branding colors if necessary, but also consider using generic colors to give relevant meaning. For example, acquired customers could be shown in green to indicate positive results, while lost customers could be shown in red to indicate a negative result.

Data visualization and data discovery are the most important components of your Business Intelligence (BI) delivery – so they better be right.💯

In this Power BI End Project, I investigated several datasets for the Company called DROPLETS and analyzed churn rates. This business case helps to understand, why we cannot deliver products to customers, what are the obligations, and how we are managing the uncertainties.

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Front page of the Final Dashboard with Navigation buttons (Due to security reasons, some data points are hidden).

Supply Plan for Distribution Comparison based on Dynamic Visualization and smart selection (Due to security reasons some data points are hidden).

Scenario 3: Seasonal production based on processing and pachaging for many required products with dynamic visuals and smart selection criteria (Due to security reasons some data points are hidden).

Scenario 4: Current inventory available with restricted and unrestricted quantities for use with dynamic visuals and smart selection criteria (Due to security reasons some data points are hidden).

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Scenario 5: Estimated reserves are available for compliance planning, when necessary, for use with dynamic visuals and smart selection criteria (Due to security reasons some data points are hidden).

Scenario 6: An FAQ page is available via the navigation button on the Home Page/Overview Page, so that viewers can find answers to frequently asked questions about the campaign or analysis (Due to security reasons, some data points are hidden).

Scenario 6: A feedback page available via the navigation button on the Home Page/Overview Page made with Smartsheet App, so that users are not dependent on Email and Chat and can register their requests based on valid points related to their Business Needs ( Due to security reasons some data points are hidden).

SQL is a standard – BUT….Although SQL is an ANSI/ISO standard, there are different versions of the SQL language.

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However, to comply with the ANSI standard, they all support at least the major commands (such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, WHERE) in a similar way.

Using SQL in your website To build a website that displays data from a database, you will need:

One of the PostgreSQL Reference Queries (with dummy data names) used for this project can be found in the folder below:

The model is designed following best practices for better data performance. As you can see below, the rules are divided into categories. Some rules are more aesthetically oriented while others are more focused on optimizing performance. Note that there are several rules that require running an additional script.

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As I established my data model, I started organizing my tables. As you can see from the image above, one of the best ways to do this is by using the Cascade technique. Another way to do this effectively is by using the Star Schema approach.

Ideally, relationships can be either one-to-many or many-to-one. Power BI is excellent at defaulting to cardinality based on your data.

We can modify the model to run a loop test scenario and the number of orders per wave varies between the planned scenario and the executed scenario.

Until now, components in Power BI Reports were not moved. In most cases, this is perfectly fine. But sometimes you might want to add a moving text or image to get the user’s attention. This can be done with the help of the HTML Text_Styler.

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With HTML Text_Styler, you can define the scroll direction, speed, number of times the text should move on the screen, and many other parameters. Of course, you still have complete flexibility when it comes to formatting.

In addition, the statement can be made to work for other objects so you can also leave an image

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