Totally Complimentary Business Intelligence Tools Internet Record Web Hosting Servers

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Totally Complimentary Business Intelligence Tools Internet Record Web Hosting Servers – Log management and analysis tools have become essential in troubleshooting. With log analysis tools, also known as network log analysis tools, you can extract meaningful data from logs to identify the root cause of any application or system error and find trends and patterns to help guide your business decisions, investigations and security.

DevOps, security professionals, system administrators, network administrators, web developers, and site reliability engineers can use them to make better data-driven decisions.

Totally Complimentary Business Intelligence Tools Internet Record Web Hosting Servers

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best paid, free, and open source log file analysis tools available in the log management landscape to enable you to better analyze your logs, perform live queue searches, or query data specific registrations you need.

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Logs is a cloud-based SaaS log management solution that gives you actionable real-time insights into your log analytics with ELK hosted as a service, in the cloud, or on-premises. It supports a large number of log senders, log libraries, platforms and frameworks, and can aggregate logs from a wide variety of sources.

Auto-discovery of logs and services allows you to automatically start tracking logs from log files and containers and forward them directly through the user interface.

Logs have sophisticated full-text search, filtering, and tagging capabilities and allow you to relate logs to infrastructure and application metrics in a single dashboard. You can set up alerts for both log data and metrics, and use Live Tail to see new errors as they are logged in real-time. We offer free and paid plans.

We offer free and paid plans. Our business plan starts at $50 per GB per day for 7-day retention, and you can try it for free for 14 days .

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You can also read a review of Logs in Network Administration Tools, among other log management solutions. Or, if you want an overview of the Logs product, check out the short video below.

Loggly is a cloud-based log management service that is appreciated for its log analysis capabilities. It allows you to use traditional standards such as HTTP or Syslog to collect and understand logs from a variety of data sources, whether from the server or the client.

With its dynamic field explorer, get a real-time overview of your records sorted by structure or by custom view. Loggly has powerful full-text search capabilities including searches by individual fields, booleans, ranges, and more. Its out-of-the-box interactive dashboard provides performance indicators and metrics that allow you to spot trends and performance issues and compare data over a given timeline.

Loggly offers a free version and three paid plans starting at $79, $159, and $279 respectively. A 14-day trial is available for evaluation.

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Splunk is one of the most well-known log monitoring and analytics platforms, offering both free and paid plans. It collects, stores, indexes, correlates, visualizes, analyzes and reports on any type of machine-generated data, be it structured, unstructured or sophisticated application logs, based on a multi-line approach.

By using the tool, you can search historical and real-time log data. Splunk allows you to set up real-time alerts where auto-trigger notifications can be sent via email or RSS. You can also create custom reports and dashboards to better see your data and detect and resolve security issues faster.

Splunk is available for free and supports one user with up to 500 MB per day. If you need more complex features, they offer two payment plans. In that case, the price is available on request.

Rapid7 has acquired Logentries and added it to its line of products focused on security and automation. Renamed InsightOps, the tool is a cloud-based log management platform that also includes easy-to-use analytics tools so you can monitor data trends and correlate events across your system.

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InsightOps lets you query real-time data with aggregated live search to gain deeper insights and detect events as they happen. it also features custom alerts that push instant notifications when anomalies are detected. You can then add custom tags to make it easier to find in the future and analyze your records using rich and attractive visualizations, either predefined or custom.

InsightOps is available for both free and commercial use. The paid version starts at $48 per month and supports 30GB for 30-day retention. is another cloud-based log analysis software built on Elastic Stack and Grafana, thus ensuring easy scalability, high availability and security. With you can search large amounts of data in real-time and filter the results by server, application or any custom parameter you find valuable to get to the bottom of the problem. Use machine learning and predictive analytics to detect and resolve issues faster. Other features include alerts, analytics, integrations, user control and audit trail.

The platform offers free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $82 per month plus tax for 2GB per day and 3 days of retention.

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Sumo Logic is a unified logging and metrics platform that can provide real-time information about applications and systems. It has advanced analytics to help understand data through indexing and filtering. Machine learning and predictive algorithms let you process over 100 petabytes of data per day, while its easy-to-use dashboard lets you identify patterns and trends faster.

Sumo Logic is available in both free and paid commercial options starting at $324 per month for 3GB daily intake and 10 days (30GB) of storage.

SolarWinds Event and Log Manager is another big name in the world of log management. It allows you to collect and normalize data from multiple servers, applications and network devices in real time. The software allows you to also store and investigate historical data and use it to perform automated audits. SolarWinds Log Analyzer learns from past events and alerts you in time before an incident occurs. It helps take a proactive approach to ensuring security, compliance and problem resolution.

Other important features you will need during analysis include real-time event correlation, file integrity monitoring, configurable dashboard, scheduled searches, and threat intelligence.

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The company only offers paid plans, but you can try it out with a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at $4,585 for 30 nodes.

EventLog Analyzer is a log management solution that has the basic functionality of a SIEM product, but also features impressive log analysis capabilities. Easy to set up and use. EventLog Analyzer can collect, analyze, and analyze event logs from all devices on your network, from database platforms, routers, and firewalls to hypervisors, Linux and Unix systems, Endpoint Security Solutions, and more.

Some of its other features include real-time alerting and event correlation, file integrity monitoring, and privileged user monitoring, to help you detect and prevent server errors and attacks. You can generate various reports instantly, including user activity reports and historical data trends. It is one of the best tools available to perform forensic log analysis and ensure regulatory due diligence. The software is regulatory compliant with a wide variety of policies, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX or FISMA.

EventLog Analyzer offers only paid options, but you can get a free 30-day trial to try it out. Pricing is available upon request.

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Papertrail, a primarily cloud-hosted records management software, includes excellent features for efficient records analysis. automatically analyzes various types of logs, including text log files, Apache logs, Windows log events, and many more.

Easy to use, Papertrail features a live queue search to help detect issues faster and trace the chain of events to identify the root cause immediately. Filter log events by source, date or time,

Severity level, ease or message content to focus on the most meaningful data. You can then graph or plot them using third-party integrations to quickly spot trends and patterns.

Papertrail is available as free and paid options starting at $7 per GB per month and going up to $230 for 25 GB per month.

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Mezmo is a log management service available in both the cloud and on-premises that you can use to monitor and analyze log files in real-time. You can search, save, track, and store data from any application or system, including AWS, Heroku, Elastic, Python, Linux, Windows, or Docker, and can handle a million logging events per second.

It features real-time search, filtering, and debugging capabilities and a robust algorithm to help connect issues to their root cause. You’ll also get a live stream queue to help uncover hard-to-find bugs.

Datadog is another log analysis software that you can use to record, search, filter, and analyze logs from all your devices and apps in real time. Once Datadog has recorded the log data, you can use filters to select information that is not valuable to your use case.

Datadog has rich and sophisticated log analysis dashboards that you can further customize with drag and drop. It allows you to correlate logs, metrics, and request traces to get a clear view of your systems and easily spot performance trends over time. The solution features intelligent alerts that use machine learning to identify abnormal log patterns and errors faster.

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Datadog only has paid versions starting at $1.27 per million log events per month with 7-day retention. You can try it for free for 14 days.


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