Postgresql Business Intelligence Tools

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Postgresql Business Intelligence Tools – If you’re using PostgreSQL as your database, chances are you prefer open source tools too.

And since the best companies and developers give away almost everything they do, we start to get overwhelmed by the options on display.

Postgresql Business Intelligence Tools

I talked to several friends who happened to be tasked with finding a BI tool that can connect to PostgreSQL, and mind you, they had a hard time choosing one despite their seniority in the industry.

Building A Data Warehouse On Google Cloud Platform That Scales With The Business

So I wrote this blog post hoping to guide you on finding and choosing the best tool for your data stack with little investment of time.

The main criteria for the following tools would be free or affordable for small to medium sized companies. But don’t be discouraged. Such tools can still answer business and analytical questions. Some even deliver advanced features to meet the complex needs of your data team.

Metabase is an open source, lightweight tool designed for non-technical users to provide big data visualizations and visualizations. Many non-technical users have loved it for its small size and easy-to-use user interface. I remember a time when I used Metabase and didn’t have to read their documentation once.

Redash is an open source SaaS application to easily query your data sources, visualize data, build dashboards, and share them with your team. It comes with a simple yet powerful interface along with integrations with Slack, Zapier, and more.

Reporting Data From Azure Database For Postgresql Using Power Bi

For a more detailed BI tools list and analysis, check out: Best Reporting Tools for Microsoft SQL Top Snowflake BI & Data Visualization Tools 05 Best Self-Service Analytics Tools Open Source BI & Reporting Tools For Your Analytics Stack 3. Google Data Studio

Hmm, I should have mentioned Google Data Studio earlier. It’s the first BI tool I’ve used in my career so my memories with it are the most lasting.

The tool seems to be aimed at a set of semi-technical users (not me at that), who work with numbers and know Excel well. They may even know a bit of a scripting language (Python, JS), but not technical enough to work on a data infrastructure or build full reports from scratch, or build mini- A complex search that requires some SQL acrobatics.

This is one of those few tools I mentioned that can meet the demand of your data team when it gets more complicated. In addition to providing a powerful and easy-to-use visualization layer for non-technical users, it also comes with a modeling layer that allows data analysts to model and transform data in PostgreSQL and many other SQL data warehouses.

New Alloydb For Postgresql Frees You From Legacy Databases

Offers a free version like other products, and it only costs when your team’s needs grow (you need to run more queries, use more advanced analysis features).

When compared to other freemium products in the same BI landscape such as PowerBI, Tableau, or Looker, the prices are the most attractive and expected. You may want to refer to their prices here.

Chartio is a business intelligence tool that provides PostgreSQL data for all employees (technical and non-technical alike) to query, analyze and report.

What I like about this tool, like , is that it caters to both technical and non-technical users alike. It uses Visual SQL as its visual language for querying data that allows non-technical users to construct queries without coding knowledge.

Open Source Reports And Dashboards

At the same time, it provides powerful SQL query optimization, which analysts can use to speed up their workflow.

Chartio’s pricing is very competitive compared to ‘, which starts at $40 – $60 per user per month. However, if your data team is rising quickly, it may rise quickly on your bill.

Regardless of the tools you choose for your company, remember that the end users of the tools will be most affected.

Whether it is you (analyst/data engineer) or business users who want to analyze the data independently, any tool must be applied to the real use case with real business questions.

Deploy The Metabase Business Intelligence Platform To Koyeb

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Check out this book to update yourself on the ins and outs of a contemporary analytics stack.

“I’m surprised to tell you this next sentence: I read a free ebook from a company and I really liked it.” – Data Enginee Over the years, the PostgreSQL community has developed many high-quality open source GUI tools created for manipulating, viewing and sharing the data that resides in Postgres servers. This is a collection of different types of useful GUI tools that will help you and your team manage your data and to share

Postgresql For Business Intelligence And Big Data Analysis

PgAdmin is the semi-official full feature GUI for PostgreSQL. It allows you to run queries as well as inspect and analyze every part of your server and databases.

OmniDB allows you to run queries and search and edit database objects. It also supports servers other than Postgres, including MySQL and Oracle. Supports debugging of user-defined functions (stored functions) written in PL/pgSQL.

DBeaver is similar to pgAdmin and OmniDB, with support for more RDBMS servers. They can automatically generate ER diagrams from the schematic.

Pgweb is a simple, easy-to-use tool that runs as a web server. You can view data, run queries and search tables and indexes.

Postgresql Ssis Components (ssis Productivity Pack)

Metabase is a business intelligence tool, which helps your team to set up, run and visualize queries. Knowledge of SQL is optional. Supports RDBMS (and data sources) as well as PostgreSQL as well.

Redash is also a business intelligence tool for teams, with a more hands-on approach. It allows you to directly write SQL queries and set views and dashboards with more options and customization.

Blazer is a Ruby-on-Rails gem that allows users to define queries, images and dashboards, and share them with their team. You need to know your way around RoR to make use of this.

Apache Superset is a BI catalyst (pre-release) of the Apache Software Foundation. It has a rich set of images and support for many data sources.

Postgresql And Reporting Software For Bi

Zeppelin is a web-based notebook (like Jupyter for Python) from the Apache Software Foundation. It allows you to interactively explore the data from multiple sources (including PostgreSQL of course) with images.

Franchise is a web-based notebook that can connect to your local database using a bridge tool, so you don’t need to install a server. Supports data sources like MySQL and BigQuery as well.

You can find even more links on the PostgreSQL Wiki, including commercial software, tools for ER diagrams, IDEs and more.

Is a modern, in-depth analysis solution designed specifically for PostgreSQL use. shows you information and metrics about all aspects of your PostgreSQL database server, collected using the open source tool pgmetrics. provides key reporting and visualization functionality, including gathering and displaying PostgreSQL information and providing time-series graphs, detailed reports, alerts, teams and more.

The Top 18 Business Intelligence Tools (free & Open Source)

The Diagnostics feature checks your PostgreSQL server and databases for issues that may affect the health and performance of a deployment. No additional configuration is required for Diagnostics – you must be actively submitting data to . Learn more here or sign up today for a free trial.

(c) RapidLoop, Inc. 2024 • All rights reserved • Terms of use • Privacy Policy • Security This was a project based on the issues faced by an organization to deliver their products to Country_1 and Country_2, and as a result of the constant tension growth and change. of the rules, delivery to Country_3 and Country_4 as well. The purpose of this project was set to achieve real-time tracking of the Planned Supply vs Continuous Loading as per the plan and Production required for supply with “Treat & Pack” holding.

This solution aims to develop a real-time tracker with additional smart views to monitor the status of Plan VS Execution, for “Country_1”, “Country_2”, “Country_3” and “Country_4”.

In the world of Big Data, the need for business intelligence records is widely understood. Most businesses know they need a central location to collect and present relevant insights to different users. Well-designed dashboards can take complex data and turn it into useful information, while bad dashboards do just the opposite.

Postgresql Advantages: Benefits Of Using Postgresql

But creating a dashboard that is clear, concise and easy to understand can be a daunting task. By applying design principles and best practices, any business can create a business intelligence dashboard that provides a holistic view of the health of their business, with access to customer engagement as needed .

The design and context of a business intelligence dashboard is critical to maximizing user engagement and understanding. The purpose of a dashboard is twofold; the first is to highlight the most important data, and the second is to provide context for that data. Data alone is difficult to interpret.

By providing context, the data tells a story and begins to make sense to the user – they can find meaning, see opportunities for growth, and any challenges or obstacles could be a business to identify. The design and context together give the user a quick overview of where things are and where they are

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