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Easiest Business Intelligence Tools – Find the best BI tools for your startup with this guide to all the top solutions on the market.

Business intelligence tools (also called BI tools, business intelligence software, or business intelligence solutions) provide easy-to-understand dashboards for users to access data sets from multiple sources, analyze them, and then understand key findings. , reports, spreadsheets, maps, etc. and more. With these rich insights, you can quickly zero in on key performance indicators (KPI metrics) that may have been lost to history.

Easiest Business Intelligence Tools

If you want to learn the various tools and processes for implementing a modern data stack as described above, read this article.

Product Sheet: Kpi Management With Waykpi

Given the value of BI reporting tools, it’s no surprise that the market is flooded with solutions trying to find a place in your data stack. But which tool is right for you?

Microsoft’s Power BI works best with other Microsoft tools, so if your ecosystem doesn’t revolve around Microsoft products you may run into some hiccups. Like Looker, Power BI uses its own language (Data Analysis Expressions, or DAX) to model and visualize data.

Google Data Studio is a free data analysis tool and an integral part of the Google Analytics 360 suite. With Data Studio, you can turn data from your other Google solutions into clear reports full of visualizations.

Unfortunately, Google Data Studio only works well with data from Google Solutions, meaning it’s not effective if you want to analyze data or create an analytics dashboard incorporating insights from other sources.

Business Intelligence Tools For Data Visualization And Analysis

As such, Chartio is designed to help everyone on the team (including those not familiar with SQL for beginners) analyze their data. But don’t fall in love just yet — Chartio is undergoing restructuring and will no longer be available starting in March 2022. As a result, Chartio is currently in the process of helping its clients find solutions tailored to their needs.

Holistics is a cloud-based, self-service BI platform for non-technical users, a good choice for startups looking to make sense of their data using filters and a drag-and-drop interface. With Holistics, users are empowered to answer their data questions while reducing the time they spend crunching their metrics.

The easiest way for business users to access, discover and analyze data in their database or data warehouse. It works like a spreadsheet so most users will know how to use it without learning anything. You can use spreadsheet formulas, pivot tables, and add graphs, just as you would in Excel or Google Sheets.

We’re biased here because this is a product we built 😉 That being said, we’ve designed it in a way that minimizes the learning curve as much as possible for those who already have it. Know how to use Excel or Google Sheets (so pretty much everyone).

Affordable Business Intelligence Software To Analyze Your Data

Unlike some other tools (even those that assume no code), you can get started with Action Decks in minutes.

Amazon QuickSight (also known as AWS QuickSight) is a machine learning-powered BI tool built for the cloud that offers both standard and enterprise editions, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. With AWS QuickSight you can easily create and publish BI dashboards that can be accessed from any device. However, some users find that the platform is not very intuitive and many basic features, such as tracking integrations and reports, are missing. Because of this, they want more than the service offers, which is why they choose standalone BI solutions like Grow.

ReDash is great for small startups looking for a BI tool aimed at meeting their current needs, as the tool is not designed to meet the needs of a large organization. Since its recent acquisition by Databricks, it is unclear what the future holds for the platform.

PopSQL is an advanced SQL editor that makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Use the tool to quickly write queries, view your data and share results. Although you must know how to code to use the tool, it provides some training features for those still trying to understand SQL for beginners. Another advantage: PopSQL releases new updates and features.

Best Kpi Tools To Stay On Top Of Your Business In 2023

ClicData uses data to align everyone on your startup team around a single source of truth. With ClicData, you can combine data from hundreds of different sources for data visualization and analysis. The UI is also very simple and straightforward, making it easy for users to adjust different layouts until they find one that works for their startup team. Although there are only a few pre-built report templates, ClicData’s excellent customer support makes these templates easy to use on a daily basis.

Bipp is a business intelligence platform for expert data analysts. The tool’s bippLang data modeling language streamlines SQL queries by creating reusable complex data models with custom columns and dynamic subqueries. As a new product, they are working to actively improve their offerings to attract some of the more tech-savvy Chartio users.

Databox is a conceptual solution designed to help you track your performance and discover real-time data based on your KPIs. With DataBox, you can review multiple data visualizations or create custom metrics — the choice is yours. However, some users note that the built-in visualization templates look exactly the same, which can cause some confusion. If you want to have many different dashboards, you will likely need to pay for a more expensive account as well.

Grow is billed as a full-stack BI tool designed to empower everyone on your team to make business-driven decisions. The tool is very easy to use and provides “no code transforms” that write SQL behind the scenes. You can also write custom PostgreSQL scripts to unlock key insights into your data tables. Many users feel empowered to manipulate increasingly complex data as they become more familiar with the platform.

Business Intelligence Tools

Although Guru currently limits the number of apps that can integrate with it, there is talk of expansion. This can complicate the user experience and increase the number of users reporting user interface problems.

Add pricing: Customers say the price is around $1,000/month, but more detailed pricing information can be secured by requesting a quote.

Cumul.io helps users inspire customers with clear, sharp reporting dashboards that can be embedded in other tools and platforms. Users claim that the platform’s charts aren’t as powerful or flexible as those in Excel, but its customer support is a great resource if a problem arises.

Metabase is one of the most popular data visualization tools and focuses on ease of use for non-technical users. Unfortunately, some users still find the data interface quite difficult to navigate. While there is an “Ask a Query” feature to help you access data without writing SQL queries, you’ll need to create your own queries for more complex queries. Also, users report that Metabase’s customer service isn’t the most responsive, which makes it a bit of a red flag.

Best Business Intelligence Platforms

Trevor.io is designed to help everyone on your team access and analyze your data, no code or SQL knowledge required. It does this by transforming data requests within your company so that everyone can get answers to their questions faster. Trevor.io is a new tool, but users report that the rate at which it is evolving is nothing short of amazing. The company is very attentive to feedback and is working to help its customers as much as possible.

Free Trial: There’s a 14-day free trial, plus new customers get 75% off the above prices for their first three months.

Knoi is a BI platform designed to empower entire teams to harness data-driven insights. It features dashboards, search-driven analytics, and reporting over NoSQL, SQL, REST APIs, and other sources. Keep in mind that some users find it difficult to use—especially when migrating their existing dashboards without refactoring the SQL.

Although Tableau was a trailblazer in the BI space for many years, since the platform was acquired by Salesforce, many other solutions have caught up. Users agree that Tableau provides amazing data visualization, but that it hasn’t seen much (if any) growth in usage in recent years. In fact, users report that you need to spend at least two to four weeks learning how to use the product, at which point you won’t know how to use all of its features.

Power Bi Market Share

Logi Analytics, which recently acquired Izenda, provides its customers with advanced, interactive data analytics, visualization and reporting in a minimal-code environment. Self-service data analysis and data discovery features are combined with the platform’s operational intelligence so users can easily create dashboards, reports and visualizations. Users say that Logi is more flexible than similar solutions, but that it has a steep learning curve that makes it a significant commitment.

Sigma Computing strives to help organizations better understand their data. As such, the solution lets you manipulate data in a familiar spreadsheet format that promotes collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Keep in mind that Sigma is a new product, meaning it still has some kinks to work out. Users have reported finding the tool confusing and some have noticed inconsistencies in between.

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