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Business Analytics Tools Gem – For businesses of all sizes, good competitive intelligence is critical to success. Business owners and marketers need to understand the competition, stay ahead of industry trends, and adapt quickly as the market changes.

Conducting custom market research or purchasing quality market intelligence software can be very expensive. And cheaper options, such as “state of the industry” reports, can lose value quickly as the market evolves. These factors often put small and medium businesses at a disadvantage.

Business Analytics Tools Gem

Fortunately, advances in competitive intelligence solutions in recent years have leveled the playing field. With affordable, powerful, and usable tools now widely available, small businesses can turn the luxury of specialized market research into a routine practice.

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In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 12 market intelligence tools for market research and online competitor analysis.

Before diving into details about a particular competitor’s marketing strategy or product offering, it makes sense to develop a general understanding of your market as a whole. Who are you fighting? Which direction is the market heading? Who gets the most consumer attention? Questions like these can guide your strategy going forward.

There are many tools available to help you understand the nuances of your market and customers, identify your closest competitors, and gain high-level information about their businesses.

These tools will serve as a starting point to gain a high-level view of the market landscape and emerging trends:

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Kompyte is AI-based competitive intelligence software that provides go-to-market teams with the insights they need to win in the marketplace. The software uses machine learning to collect, analyze and organize data to help teams generate and share actionable insights in real-time.

With fully automated workflows and easy-to-use architecture, Kompyte makes it easy for teams to respond effectively to rapidly changing market dynamics. Kompyte solutions include a number of customizable dashboards, reports, workflows and tools for competitive tracking and analysis.

By analyzing a competitor’s entire public-facing digital landscape and providing insights that are sequenced, actionable, and easy to share, Kompyte is useful for a broad audience within an organization, including sales, marketing, revenue, and executive teams.

Although G2 Crowd seems like a simple peer-to-peer review site, it offers tools that can be very helpful in gathering overall market intelligence, identifying competitors, and understanding the competitive landscape. An Intelligent Nft Analysis Platform

Searching by product category — for example, desktop publishing — displays an overview of featured products and a variety of filtering options to determine the information you need.

Click the “View Grid” button in the top left corner of the screen, and G2 provides a competitive matrix that depicts the market landscape in terms of market presence and customer satisfaction.

With this tool, you can see a snapshot of the competitive landscape and better understand the position of different businesses in your market.

The Market Explorer tool from .Trends lets you research the entire market by simply entering one domain. Once you enter a domain, Market Explorer compiles a list of related industry players and organic competitors.

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The first thing you will encounter in the Market Explorer Overview Report is the Market Summary section. It shows the level of market competition, market share among competitors, and market size.

Scroll down and you will find the growth quadrant. This graph divides competitors into four categories — niche players, established players, game changers, and leaders — based on the size of their website audiences and growth rates.

A combination of market summary and growth quadrants is all you need to get a comprehensive picture of the overall market landscape.

With Craft, you can unlock historical insight into companies to get a comprehensive picture of their operations. From growth over time, social presence, and brand trends, to market positioning, and the latest company news, Craft lets you review how specific competitors have grown and gained market share.

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What’s more, all the data in this market research tool is reported in real-time, giving you an up-to-date picture of the company.

The tool also offers the option to follow businesses and organize competitors into lists for easy tracking and ongoing analysis.

Social Searcher is a social media search engine that can reveal interesting emerging trends and topics related to your market. It lets you search across social media networks for specific keywords, content, mentions, users, and trends. And a variety of filters let you specify the information you’re looking for.

In addition to posting real-time social media activity updates, the tool also provides in-depth analysis data and tracks metrics such as mentions, users, and sentiment. If social media is a big part of how your business markets your industry, this tool is a gem.

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What is the shortest path to a stronger marketing strategy? It’s simple — gather competitive marketing intelligence, analyze competitor strategies, and learn which strategies deliver the best results.

For example, knowing which channels drive the most traffic to your competitors’ websites can help your strategic decision making. Understanding which countries their best traffic comes from will help you plan international marketing campaigns. Gathering competitive intelligence for search engine optimization can help you become more competitive in terms of organic traffic.

Traffic Analytics is a competitive intelligence tool that allows you to examine website traffic and analyze the marketing efforts of any company. Find out where they invest the most resources, and use those insights to strengthen your online strategy.

All you need to do is enter one to five domains into this tool. It then generates reports on the most important website traffic metrics — number of visitors, user engagement, audience overlap, traffic sources, top landing pages, geographic distribution, destination sites, and subdomains. It will also reveal other companies’ strategies and tactics in detail and also obtain information that can help in identifying potential business partners, affiliate programs, backlink providers, and more.

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For further insight into competitors’ marketing campaigns and activities in specific channels, the .Trends solution provides a variety of tools. Specifically, this report can shed light on other companies’ advertising costs, SEO and social media performance, and content gaps.

Wappalyzer is a simple browser extension that analyzes and reports what technologies competitors use on their sites. This tool can detect content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools, advertising networks, caching tools, CRM, developer tools, CDNs, and more. The comprehensive list of supported technologies is impressive.

Since technology can give businesses a serious competitive advantage, it’s important to understand what technology your competitors are using on their websites. Knowing what competitions are running can help you be better prepared to compete. And as a side note for users, you can integrate this Wappalyzer using the Client Manager tool.

Owlette is an excellent competitive intelligence tool for tracking competitors’ email marketing efforts. This tool captures all emails from a particular website, uses artificial intelligence to analyze them, and alerts you to anything important you need to know. It also provides analytics that can help you spot trends, track seasonality, and understand target audiences.

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This tool allows you to dive deep into your competitors’ offers, promotions, product announcements, and other communications via their email lists. And you can do it at scale, without having to actively subscribe to millions of newsletters.

Based on all this data, you can discover what attracts your audience — from subject lines that get them to open emails to content that entices them to act — and use these insights to develop your own digital marketing strategy.

Competeshark allows you to monitor changes to competitor websites in real-time. The tool will visit your designated competitor’s website and notify you of changes such as content updates, layout changes, or new promotions.

A truly amazing feature is the ability to see before and after each change. Using the visual slider, you can preview the new and previous versions to evaluate the depth of changes in detail.

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This feature can help in developing an understanding of how product development, product lines, and pricing structures have changed over time.

One2Target is a full spectrum audience research solution. This allows you to find and target audiences with the most profit potential for your business, segment them based on demographics and behavior, and see where they spend their time online.

In addition to demographic and socioeconomic factors, you can use this tool to identify audiences that are valuable to your business and strategize how to reach them. The Audience Overlap report provides a lot of information to help you get started.

Measure your competitors’ total audiences, the amount of audience overlap between them, and the potential audience you can gain with effective targeting. With data like this, you can make more informed investments and see better results.

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The popularity of ecommerce in our digital world has caused the market to be flooded. With so many online stores selling the same products, you may face stiff price competition. As a result, you will have to change your fees frequently to always offer the most attractive prices on the market.

Realistically, manually monitoring all of your competitors’ prices every day is an impossible task. How can you do that and track thousands of products across multiple stores? Yes, there

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