Benefits Of Business Intelligence Tools

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Benefits Of Business Intelligence Tools – The benefits of business intelligence software will be discussed in this article. You are ready to upgrade your IBM i business intelligence software. You will have some level of data access with any business intelligence software product. Only the best will offer additional benefits and features related to increasing the productivity and decision-making speed of programmers.

The leading BI solution for IBM I Sequel, which provides real-time data and reduces the workload on IT. The following are the key features that Sequel can offer your company that go beyond just data

Benefits Of Business Intelligence Tools

Installing and downloading software should be simple and fast. Traditional data access and business intelligence (BI) solutions have a reputation for being difficult and time-consuming, with little immediate payoff. This is another benefit of business intelligence software. Also check out the benefits of digital technology

Choose The Right Business Intelligence Tool

With Sequel, all interfaces are typically installed, set up and up and running in less than an hour. This includes installing PC clients, configuring browser interfaces, and email integration.

The vendor’s ability to truly support their product from a technical perspective and user support areas is sometimes an overlooked issue when evaluating a device. Now it’s not unusual to call a business and get quick help from the right person, which can be annoying when answers are needed immediately. That being said, in companies where there are several time zones and even other nations to cover in history, it is also very important to be able to contact technical support in several ways. This is another benefit of business intelligence software.

Another important choice is education. Vendors must provide service and training as needed, even if it is not always used.

Sequel has access to all HelpSystems support resources, including phone, chat, and email support. Users can also access the extensive knowledge base or participate in a training course.

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3. Scalability and the ability to retrieve data quickly – no matter the database (IBM I and remote databases)

Scalability problems plague traditional IBM I data access techniques. They may sometimes be sufficient to perform a single query, but they are insufficient for the business intelligence needs of most companies today. This is another benefit of business intelligence software.

Decision makers and business users want information now, and they want it fast now. Switching to Sequel speeds up data access for your IT staff. In addition, Sequel makes it easy to convert data into useful information for those who ask for it. For example, business intelligence tables present data clearly. Anyone can look at her and immediately know what she is talking about.

You can address the urgent business intelligence needs of today, as well as those of the future, using Sequel.

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This is another benefit of business intelligence software. Don’t waste time and create something new. Companies using IBM I have been developing queries for decades. Like many IT organizations that have transitioned to Sequel, protect their investment. Why? because Sequel makes it easy to convert existing queries to Query/400. In the green screen, you can edit the questions if you prefer to type commands. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a user-friendly interface, you can edit the questions in the GUI. In any case, it’s quick and easy, and you can immediately start increasing the results of your existing queries.

Sequel does not require advanced technical knowledge from users. As a result, you can reach decision makers and business users within your organization with Sequel. To dive deeper into the details of the data, they can do so using an amiable GUI or a familiar browser. Putting users in charge of data is a wonderful approach to reducing IT workload. Depending on what works best for your company, provide non-technical users with the ability to ask questions or simply provide them with data on a dashboard or web portal. This is another benefit of business intelligence software. Also check the Benefits of partnership in business

Expanding data access is clearly not necessary for Sequel. You may choose to give users more control over data or restrict access to your IT staff. Many organizations have legitimate concerns when it comes to self-service data access. They ask:

Providing self-service data access doesn’t have to be risky business. In addition, the risks are reduced by Sequel. The normal business user won’t see anything they shouldn’t, because access is controlled only to those who need to see the data. Users can manipulate the data, but they cannot change it, so your data will remain true.

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This is another benefit of business intelligence software. Security is a major concern for every IT manager and department. Accessing data for business users can be difficult. Business customers now take for granted that they can access data at any time of the day or night. But you need security for your IBM I data.

Accessing your mobile data with Sequel is as secure as with your GUI and green screen because it follows IBM I security best practices. Users can enter a valid IBM I user ID and password to log in. Alternatively, you can also specify that the program is subject to any IBM I object-level authority. Additional methods for setting up security are also provided by Sequel if your IBM I does not have security configured.

Users and business managers can easily access data with the help of dashboards. Moreover, creating a dashboard should not be difficult. With drag-and-drop tools and snap-to-grid capabilities, Sequel makes it easy. All you have to do is decide which data set will power the dashboard and which items will be displayed on it.

Dashboards can be created by your IT department and distributed to users. Alternatively, you may allow users to create their own dashboards. Real-time updates are made to the data. Even if you have to develop the dashboard yourself, doing so is a wise long-term investment. The dashboard enables proactive business creation by your management team. A great return on your investment is the result (ROI). This is another benefit of business intelligence software.

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Everyone expects to have information at their fingertips in today’s mobile world. However, traditional data access techniques present obstacles to instant data.

The fact that Sequel breaks down that barrier is among its greatest merits. just how? Providing real mobile data access is Sequel. Sequel’s web interface, the Sequel Web Interface (SWI), is available in any browser and on any device, including phones, tablets, and laptops (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox). Business users can launch SWI and connect to their data immediately. This means that regardless of whether they are in the office or not, they will be able to make decisions on the spot.

The benefits of using Sequel to access IBM I data are limitless. Sequel is much faster than traditional methods of accessing IBM I data, for starters. SQL programming, Query/400, and similar tasks can slow you down. Moreover, when data access is poor, it does not take long for the number of data requests to increase. This is another benefit of business intelligence software. Also check out the SEO benefits

You’ll save time by switching to Sequel because you can access data faster. Then the time savings go up rapidly from there. Faster reporting and less (or no) waiting times are the results of faster data access. Your IT department won’t be burdened with constant requests for data access because it doesn’t exist.

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Sequel needs to be used in action before you can decide if it is the perfect solution for your IT department. Request a live, custom demo of Sequel right away. You will know the answer after 30 minutes with Sequel experts. And you’ll be able to see clearly how Sequel will help you meet your organization’s needs for IBM I business intelligence. The benefits of implementing Business Intelligence (BI) are measurable at every step of production, from minute-to-minute decisions to long-term planning. Business Intelligence solutions help organize data so that it can be easily accessed and analyzed. Organizations can provide faster insights by putting data mining in the hands of subject matter experts who know the business. Business Intelligence benefits the organization by treating data as a strategic asset to better plan and manage the business.

Data-driven decision making is the practice of making key decisions based on empirical data rather than a gut feeling or “what’s always worked” mentality. BI benefits organizations that want to become data-driven, adaptive, and scalable. This chapter highlights 7 benefits of business intelligence.

Work faster, not harder. Well-designed dashboards deliver the most important insights up front, speeding up decision-making, efficiency, and ROI.

Manually collecting data from multiple sources, importing it into Excel, cleaning the data, formatting, and creating reports is time-consuming and expensive. Automating data collection by creating a dashboard saves a lot of time and effort. It also allows you to focus on using data versus building reports. Depending on the amount of reporting you do the old way, this can save an employee’s time or an employee’s time.

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